Physical Server Infrastructure

Chassis temperature condition tracking

FAN rotation speeds

System voltage status

Physical disk health

General hardware health status

Service based monitoring

Virtualization Infrastructure

Status info of servers

Resource usage status (CPU, RAM, Disk)

Datastore Read / Write Latency information

Timeline charts

High availability (HA) status information

Instant network traffic information


Operating system services status information

Status information of MS Role-based services

Database services status information

Specially written service status information

URL, DNS, Service Port accessibility tracking

Trigger applications

Accessibility scale


Database health status information

Instant Threads figures

Resource usage status (CPU, Ram etc.)

Number of simultaneous users

Network traffic analysis

Ping & ICMP values

Virtual and physical server data

Number of active transactions

Error outputs based on query rates


CPU and Memory usage status

WAN Connection tracking

S2S VPN Receive Transmit speed data

Interface Status information

Auto Sync and HA Mode status

Temperature status information

Upload & Download status data

Resource usage graphs (momentarily, hourly or between desired dates)

Number of users connected to SSL VPN

Wired & Wireless Networks

Physical health information of switches

Proactive intervention recommendations

Switch ICMP response times

Uplink interface uses

CPU utilization and Memory usage status

Temperature values of the switches

Instant health information of the ports

Floor plan distribution and location-based monitoring


Tracking service accessibility

Tracking performance metrics

Network traffic analysis

Threshold & Trigger applications