What is ITOC?

ITOC is a management, alarm tracking and reporting service where you can monitor your infrastructures 7 x 24 and be aware of instant changes.

ITOC is a central environmental monitoring product. It monitors the devices, systems and tools you request in your environment from the moment it is activated, freeing you from the responsibility of tracking all your inventory manually.

It provides performance improvement suggestions about your infrastructure environment and drastically reduces your problem detection time in your critical business applications.

Now it’s TIME to meet ITOC!

ITOC is a platform-independent monitoring tool. If you want to see the performance of your System and Network infrastructure and the root cause when a problem occurs, experience the ITOC service.

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An opportunity to monitor all your infrastructures anytime, anywhere

With ITOC, you don’t have to be at work to monitor your entire infrastructure.

In any location where you are connected to the Internet network, you can access the system through the ITOC Mobile application in your Web Browser.

Detect bottlenecks in your IT network with flow analysis

ITOC includes protocol supports such as netflow and sflow. What can be done and monitored with the support of these protocols are: ITOC; It includes protocol supports such as netflow and sflow. The things that can be done and monitored with the support of this protocol are: Monitoring wired and wireless networks belonging to the information technology infrastructure and analyzing traffic, instantly recognizing abnormal situations, diagnosing and fixing reliability and performance problems, including bottlenecks, hardware errors and security incidents, perceive and analyze problems before they turn into crises.