What Do We Monitor?

Physical Server Infrastructure

Chassis temperature status monitoring
FAN rotation speed
System voltage status
Physical disk health status
General hardware health status
Service-based monitoring

Virtualization Infrastructure

Server status data
Resource usage status (CPU, RAM, Disk)
DataStore Read/Write Latency data
Timetable graphics
High accessibility (HA) status data
Instant network traffic data


Operating system service status data
MS Role-based service status data
Database service status data
Specially written service status data
URL, DNS, Service Port accessibility monitoring
Trigger application
Accessibility scale


Service accessibility monitoring
Performance metric monitoring
Network traffic analysis
Threshold & Trigger applications


Database health status data
Instant Threads numbers
Resource usage status (CPU, RAM etc.)
Number of simultaneously connected users
Network traffic analysis
Ping & ICMP values
Virtual and physical server data
Number of active transactions
Error outputs for query rates


CPU and Memory usage status
WAN Connection monitoring
S2S VPN Receive Transmit speed data
Interface status data
Auto Sync and HA Mode status
Temperature status data
Upload & Download status data
Resource usage graphics
instant, hourly or at any desired date
Number of users connected to SSL VPN

Wired & Wireless Networks

Switch physical health status
Proactive intervention recommendations
Switch ICMP response time
Uplink interface usage
CPU utilization and Memory usage status
Switch temperature values
Instant port health data
Floor plan distribution and location-based monitoring

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