Alarm System

Take a different action on each alarm!


From the moment ITOC is integrated into your IT environment, it will discover network, energy, server & storage, air-conditioning and similar equipment in your infrastructure, and will provide proactive suggestions for problems in the environment.

With ITOC, you can view not only real-time environment monitoring, but also problems and metrics experienced in the past whenever you want. Role-based sharing can be done with ITOC, network team officers & application team officers and similar groups can be created. Responsible devices & software are introduced to these groups after the related persons are added. The alarms that will come through these introduced devices & software can only be sent to the responsible people via SMS & E-Mail.

There are audible or visual alarm options in the alarm system. You can mark existing problems in the environment as “Known” and classify each alarm in order of priority. You can take a different action on each alarm. (see Critical Alarm: Voice alert + E-mail)